About the Award

joan tutu1

The Joan Betty Stuchner—Oy Vey! —Funniest Children’s Book Award was created in memory of this beloved children’s author and teacher.  Joan was many things—brave, gracious, warm, generous, kind and absolutely hilarious to boot.  (“Oy vey!” she’s probably saying now . . .) With this award we honour Joan’s life-affirming humour and encourage other children’s writers to laugh it up on the page the way she did.

The $752.81 x 2 Joan Betty Stuchner—Oy Vey! —Funniest Children’s Book Award will be presented biannually to Canadian authors or illustrators of a picture or board book AND a work of juvenile fiction or non-fiction (i.e., lots of words) that had the jury most: buckled over with guffaws, incapacitated with giggles, and/or rib-ticklingly, side-splittingly, thigh-slappingly entertained.

The next two prizes will be awarded in spring 2019!